Capture feedback to identify what LPs want, need and value.

Using iPad and event app technology can be a great way to capture feedback. Harnessing this data can help make more informed decisions about the content and format of future meetings. Do they want more or less portfolio related content? Are they happy with the duration? Do they want more socialising and networking? Use informal discussions throughout the year with your LPs to test the water on potential format changes.

Change the format of the meeting to engage your audience.

LPs attend multiple meetings throughout the year and could suffer from LP meeting fatigue. If you have someone coming to your event and they’ve been to 12 events over the course of the year, how will they remember yours in 9 months’ time? Try a format where LPs are brought into the discussion, where they participate, rather than being talked at for an hour. Panel debates and interactive Q&A sessions where attendees can submit questions via an app ensure LPs feel comfortable sharing their opinions and you will get a truer reflection of their thoughts.

Consider the overall LP experience and how you differentiate.

It’s important to engage LPs from registration to cocktails and dinner. When LPs arrive at the venue, registration should be clearly signposted, accessible and streamlined. Who is greeting your Investors and how are they greeted? This is a great first opportunity to build rapport and make them welcome.

During breakfast, lunch and networking breaks think about where you place portfolio managers around the room. During dinner, be strategic about the seating.

Embrace technology.

Technology has an important part to play in the evolving nature of Investor Meetings. It can be used to streamline processes, eliminate printed materials and create a two way conversation. Our Chime Complete service brings the highest levels of security to this technology, from local WiFi setup rather than cloud or venue based, to unique log-in pins and individual watermarking of post-event documents. When dealing with your meeting content it’s important to make sure that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands. You should consider:

  • Online registration - utilise technology to make registration simple and efficient
  • Arrival at the venue - rather than printed lists consider a digital check-in tool that keeps an accurate record of who attended
  • During the meeting - instead of printing binders, consider iPads or BYOD apps as a replacement where they can access unique content and receive documents post-meeting
  • Evening dinner - utilise interactive table plan tools to make seating LPs and sharing catering requirements simple and effective


Our Chime event app and check-in tool have been used by over 100 Private Equity firms to enhance the Investor experience. Get in touch to find out how Concise can help you embrace technology at your next Investor event.