Here are some tips we have put together from experience gained from working with large organisations, helping them increase engagement and collaboration. Smart planning from the beginning can help to put measures in place and provide evidence of ROI for graduate programmes.

Keep them informed with details of the programme

This is a time where they can still be looking around at other options and the first ‘drop out’ can occur and a great opportunity to plan ahead using a Chime web app. Stay in regular contact with communications and links to the Chime web app that can include:

  • Interesting information about the company
  • Pre-work
  • Opportunity to set up an online profile - and connect with fellow joiners
  • Quizzes to find out what their interests are and what attracted them to the company
  • Venue information
  • Agenda and Biographies ahead of their first day

During the Training Sessions participants can:

  • Share their views with presenters via interactive Polling
  • Make their own notes on presentation slides as the day progresses
  • Join in quizzes to confirm learning is hitting home
  • Participate in games to facilitate team building
  • Ask and prioritise questions they find most important
  • Select the resources and background documents they find useful
  • Facilitate networking using Delegate Hub.
  • Gather feedback at the end of each session

Our Chime Complete service helps blue chip companies looking to inspire and enhance their newest recruits’ important first weeks with the business.  Check out some comments from a recent graduate induction after our event technology was introduced: 

“Fun. Engaging. Intuitive use of iPads.”

“Enjoyed using the iPads to interact with speakers, view presentations etc.”

“Loved the iPads, and really feel that they added value to the event and kept delegates engaged through the interactive tasks.”

“Frequent breaks that gave us opportunity to network. Technology (ipad) and set up was impressive.”

“It was good having the iPads to interact and keep us engaged throughout the 3 days.”

Get in touch to find out how Concise can help you find ways to bridge the digital divide and enhance learning at your next graduate or apprentice induction week.