A personal welcome and smooth arrival can get the party off to a great start. But, things sometimes don't go as planned when there's a rush of guests arriving at the same time, last minute changes causing confusion, or spreadsheets not matching up.  An event app can remove pain points and take away some of the stress that comes with that initial rush when guests arrive...and help your well-planned event stay on track to make a great first impression. 

Tips for planning stress-free events

So, what could you be considering when you start looking into using an event app for a high-profile occasion?  Here are some of our tips for making sure you are using the best solution for a smooth welcome and a great stress-free event:

  • Make sure you can easily search your guest list by first and last names.
  • Check if there is a way to identify your VIPs, so you can make sure they are welcomed appropriately.
  • If so, does the app enable you to send out an alert to event hosts when their VIPs arrive?
  • Expect the unexpected – make sure you can seamlessly add last minute guests to the list and seating plan.

If your guests will be seated and served, can they see a layout of where they will be sitting? Do they have a meal selection or special dietary needs?

  • A good app can help you to plan your table layout ahead of the event.
  • Position the table plan prominently, showing the plan on an easy-to-view display.
  • Manage empty spaces where you have ‘no shows’ on the day.
  • If you are holding an awards show, ensure the recipients can get to the stage easily. Perhaps, seat the nominees separately.
  • Be prepared to add and make last-minute changes to guest details.  (A great app allows you to make dynamic changes on the fly.)
  • Double-check dietary requests on arrival (now more important than ever).  
  • Provide a final meal preference update to your banquet/catering team.

In conclusion, make life easy and consider an interactive event app with a seating planner.  

Chime Check-In from Concise enables you to keep the guest arrival process smooth and speedy, giving you a comprehensive, real-time view of who has arrived at your event...and keeping your event hosts instantly in sync with any changes.  Check-In also provides post-event analytics to help you prepare for your next event.   Contact us for a short demo on Check-In.