In addition to the cost-savings achieved by no longer needing to print, copies of presentations and reports, Annual Meeting organizers who switch to utilizing an event app are able to make last-minute changes to slide decks, also removing a major source of stress. Presentations and other documents can be updated within the app in real time both during the lead-up to the event and throughout the meeting itself, providing much-needed flexibility and averting late-night calls to the printer - and the associated rush charges.

Going Green Securely

Utilizing a meeting app at the Annual Meeting enables a firm to reduce their carbon footprint, whilst giving event attendees access to up-to-date information. Security concerns can be addressed by your event tech provider connecting any devices to an onsite server via an encrypted local WiFi network. This means that your content is not hosted in the cloud or accessible via the internet. The app can be set to expire at the end of the meeting and sensitive content can be erased from the server as soon as the event concludes. There’s no need to worry about printed books being left behind or falling into the wrong hands.

Another security feature is the ability to apply a digital ‘watermark’ that embeds the name of the recipient into the slides and documents that are distributed post-event. Any leak can be traced to the source – a highly effective deterrent against data misappropriation.

In our experience, concerns around whether or not the typical Annual Meeting attendee is sufficiently tech-savvy to feel comfortable using an event app are misplaced. Investors and LPs of all ages consistently tell us that they welcome a digital solution and that they’d rather receive presentation materials electronically, especially if they are able to take notes alongside specific slides. The elimination of printed books and binders is viewed as a positive by the vast majority of attendees.

A Useful Checklist

Features that event planners should look out for when considering event tech for a meeting for a paperless meeting include:

  • The ability to push presentation slides to all attendees’ devices simultaneously, with a flexible PowerPoint slide importer that can accommodate last-minute changes.
  • Secure hosting solutions, with an onsite server and a dedicated local / closed WiFi network.
  • A Document Library that allows for various documents and PDF resources to be available and viewed within the event app.
  • Flexibility for documents and other resources to be made live throughout the event, or only available at specific times.
  • The ability to personalize documents to make them available only to approved attendees.
  • The ability to password-protect specific documents as an additional security enhancement.
  • A method of digitally watermarking documents when they are distributed post-event.
  • A digital Check-In solution that enables the event organizer to manage onsite registration efficiently and seamlessly.

If you would like to learn more about how the Chime event app supports paperless meetings please contact us for more information or to arrange an online demo.