Imagine, then, how many attendees worldwide face language difficulties during events. New technology can reconnect international guests with the event content in real-time. With a “second screen” such as an iPad or tablet, a global audience becomes just as engaged as a native-speaking audience.

While the main conference screen displays key slides in one language, participants can follow translated versions of these slides in their mother tongue on their “second screen” devices, synced to the pace of the main presentation.

What does this mean for event organisers? Your presentation content and even highly technical expressions will be understood by everyone. If everyone understands, everyone is engaged.

People naturally prefer to be addressed in their first language. According to the Harvard Business Review, content written in the potential buyer’s mother tongue is far more likely to persuade them to make a purchase.

However you look at it, your event is selling something – a product, a service or a strategy. Selling becomes easier when you match your communications to the individual’s requirements, including their linguistic needs.

International audiences can enjoy the same event experience in their mother tongue: they, too, can interact in real-time with event activities. Reference documents, presentation slides, polls and note-taking are all provided in the second language of the individual. They can even “ask a question” by submitting a form via the app and have it answered by a speaker. Language barriers begin to blur and interaction is boosted.

It doesn't need to be a difficult take a minute to listen to Tierney: 


This “second screen” revolution is set to dominate the events industry over the next few years. It is an ideal moment to capture extra ROI from previously unengaged international audiences. Give them the linguistic support they need and they will become active participants and enthusiastic brand ambassadors.

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