Product Launches, also called Product Trainings, POAs or Cycle Meetings, are internal programs for sales representatives, encompassing both educational training and motivational team building.

Each launch requires a specific amount of preparation to cover strategy, policies, regulation and support materials. The knowledge, when retained, provides field teams with the foundation to quickly discover unmet needs, have the confidence to sell with credibility, impact and most importantly, the power to close.

As planners keep one eye on the ever-looming launch date, assuming FDA approval is granted, these time sensitive engagements aim to balance group learning, skills training and inspirational team building perfectly. There are barriers to finding this balance, and below we explore how Concise helps clients tackle these head on:

Converting learnings at the event to success in the field. Determining if confidence levels match technical understanding.

Using live feedback data, we arm regional managers with the power to compare proficiency levels against sales performance data. Issues are addressed there and then proactively.

Keeping energy levels up over 5 long days can be a challenge and gamification is often seen as trivial and too fun.

Working in partnership with MLR and Training Managers, we tap into this audience's intrinsic competitive nature by incorporating points and badge based challenges into the design of the meeting. By positioning modular learning as a journey within the event, with key milestones to achieve a clear goal. Top performers are rewarded for successfully navigating this journey as key milestones are achieved. Modular learning is enabled and tracked via networking, reading materials, answering feedback surveys and engaging in sessions with polling and Q&A.

Delays in FDA approval lead to the postponement of launches and loss of momentum and product knowledge. Tackle the delay head on with a targeted message campaign and continued learning outside of the event space. Use the mobile platform to continually drip feed materials and launch updates to the Sales Team.

There can be a reticence to role play in front of the room

Encourage a higher level of participation by taking role playing virtual prior to the real thing. By using our Forum tool, roles are pre-set and communicated via our Personalized Agenda and Messaging system before being conducted in a chat room format. Live role plays can then be recorded and submitted for review where management teams can vote for their favorite. The best of which can be played back in-app and tied into a competition.

It’s too easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of messaging.

Segment the audience by region or experience. Only push the messages and content that really matter to each group. Pre-plan and prioritize the flow of information with one of our Project Managers to find the right balance.

When we ask our Pharma and Healthcare clients what a successful Product Launch meeting looks like to them, they tell us everyone needs to leave feeling inspired, well-informed and ready to represent the brand. We provide the platform to make this happen and the insight to prove it will.

Contact us to see if we can offer you some ideas for using event tech at your next product launch.