At Concise, we help clients with launches all year round, so whether this is your first rodeo or five-hundredth, it helps to have some tried-and-true tips for ensuring your event goes smoothly.  

  1. Start with the end in mind – While it’s tempting to jump to tactics, talk to your team and set clear launch goals to ensure that everyone is working toward the same outcomes.  Who is your target?  Are you introducing a new company, creating awareness of a new product, or trying to drive adoption amongst existing customers?  Try to be specific about what you want guests to do or the event to achieve. (e.g. Within the first week post-launch, 100 attendees will share event posts on social media, 20 key media outlets will pick up our press release, and 1000 new visitors will come to the website) .
  2. Your Guest List – You will have carefully chosen the guest list of key people to impress - so it’s really important to start off by making the right first impression.  Use the best event technology available to ensure guests are welcomed quickly, your VIPs identified and appropriately met, with hosts alerted using a Check-In app on iPads, laptops or other devices. A seating planning function will save you time and enable you to move people around if you have ‘no-shows’ or last minute additions.
  3. Your Venue – Generate an arrival buzz.  Pick a venue and theme that reflects the product/service and sets the tone.  Does the setting and content stimulate all 5 senses - sight, sound, smell, taste and touch?  ​
    • Sight:  An obvious one, can guest see the product and presentation?
    • Sound:  What music or audio elements you can use for creative effect?
    • Taste:  Is there a selection of food to suit different tastes?
    • Smell:  Is it appropriate to choose an event fragrance?
    • Touch:  Is the product something that guests can get their hands on and try for themselves?  Have you considered guest comfort, whether seated or standing?
  4. The Agenda – Keep the positive momentum going by letting your guests know a bit about what is coming up.  Follow the adage:  “Tell them what you are going to tell them, tell them, then tell them what you told them.”  Let them see the Agenda, Timings, Speakers and Biographies in an event app, whether on iPads or the guests’ own mobile devices. You can highlight brand ambassadors and exciting facts...or you might want to build up excitement with a surprise celebrity.
  5. Think Globally – For launches with attendees coming from overseas, you might consider offering a multi-lingual presentation within the event app and brochures in other languages. Consider having a pre-event Welcome App with venue and local area information it can provide a nice touch for visitors who have travelled to be at your meeting.
  6. Engagement – Bring the audience to life by deploying tools designed to encourage interactivity with presenters.  Word Clouds, quizzes and polls within an event app can be used to gauge audience alignment, measure feedback from guests throughout the event and form the basis of ROI analytics.
  7. Plan for Changes – If your product might take longer than expected to be ready for a key industry trade show or other major launch event, or you unexpectedly have a last minute change in speakers, you can buy yourself some flexibility with an event app.   Upload the final details at the last possible moment on your event app – being paperless can give you maximum flexibility and reducing stress.
  8. Networking – Encourage your guests to mix and mingle, getting the event buzz going.  Let guest know who else is at the event by sharing a list of attendees or better still, use a Delegate Hub feature which will enable them to network, find colleagues and chat about the event.  Make sure Wi-Fi is available for guests and communicate your event’s custom #hashtag and encourage them to share photos via social media.
  9. Resources – Improve the chances of your guests taking time to read your brochure at their leisure by including brochures, whitepapers and background research by making these items available during and after your event.  Add a Resources section in your event app and allow guests to bookmark content to send them post-event in a digital format. This effectively offers your guests a paperless option.
  10. Feedback & Follow-Up – The whole purpose of the Launch is to find out what people think of your new product and generate interest. Take time to design a simple carefully worded feedback form to capture this important information to prime your next steps.

Using an event app can also keep you connected with your guests long after they have left the venue.  If you have used a check-in app you will know who didn’t make it to the event and will be able to follow up with useful information which can be communicated with an email or call.

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