Our Chime app includes these features and an array of other flexible tools that are proven to deliver high levels of engagement and attendee satisfaction at Healthcare events. Features such as Comparative Polling, Quizzes, and Heatmaps allow presenters to gauge audience understanding at various points within a session and can be used in Case Study environments.

Check out our video on how Chime, our interactive event app, provides the tools to boost interaction at your next healthcare event.


How well did your key messages resonate with the audience?  See for yourself through post-event Reports and completed Feedback forms. Project managers ensure Feedback, Notes, and requested PDFs are sent within a couple of days post-event and continue working with clients to develop ways to add value to future meetings.  

Regarding security, the Chime event app is a highly secure platform with password-protected access and watermarking available for your confidential presentations.  We can also provide a secure network when sensitive medical data is being communicated.  

At Concise, our highly skilled team of interactive event specialists can help you drive the interaction and engagement your healthcare audience craves.

Customer Testimonials

"The Concise team was reliable, resourceful, and professional throughout the entire process.  The Concise onsite teams were top notch , helping to manage AV teams, Ipad functionality, and overall meeting flow.”

– Morgan Long, Project Manager, The France Foundation

“After a mediocre experience with another provider’s BYOD App, we were looking for the right technology to enhance the executive conference experience.  Concise’s combination of dedicated Ipad and custom Chime App was a huge with our executive attendees.”

– Annette Robertson, Director of Content Development, Avixa

“Concise worked very well to educate our presenters so that they understood the full functionality of the iPads and what could be extrapolated for additional education.”

– Carrie Burton, Sr. Project Manager, The France Foundation

“Concise was a great partner. They listened to our needs and designed an app just for ECEF and we look forward to working with them again.

It’s not easy impressing the ECEF audience because they’ve ‘been there and done that’ - but Chime did just that.”

– Sam Lippman, President and Founder, Lippman Connects

Contact our team for a demo today.   We would like to share ideas on how to take your healthcare event to the next level.