Expert Speaker Programs offer a unique opportunity to develop ‘advocates’ from within the medical profession. For these programs to be successful, your ‘champions’ need to learn key presentation skills, as well as assimilate and understand complex research data in the context of the new products.



The next time you bring a group of experts together for a communications skills training to learn about your product’s benefits and to present the latest data, maximize the impact of the time you have with them by incorporating the use of an event app. 

Interactive event tools make it easier for presenters to better understand and engage attendees.  Arm your audience with devices so they can participate in instant Polling, which gives your presenter insight to tailor the conversation to the audience’s level of knowledge.  For example, test their awareness of the best treatment for a particular disease.  If the majority of Polling responses are accurate, you can proceed to the next key point.  However, if the responses are disparate this may indicate that this topic needs further clarification.


Can you put presentation content in the hands of your audience members? Ideally they should be operating on a locally installed wireless network – so the event app is quick to respond, reliable and intuitive. Audience participation levels are proven to be higher when your attendees can instantly interact to polls, questions and requests for feedback.

When considering using downloadable apps for attendee’s mobile phones versus locally-hosted solutions on provided tablets, our experience is that the latter provides more interaction with both the content and the speakers than downloadable BYOD solutions. This will improve the quality and speed of learning and offer real-time insights into the success of the speakers’ training.

This approach virtually guarantees all of your audience will have distraction free access to the richly developed content you or your scientific content agency have spent months preparing.

Tests and Questionnaires capture current knowledge and understanding and can be used at the end of each session to measure the impact and level of learning. In addition evidence of training for compliance reporting and demonstrable ROI for the budget managers can be provided.

Features to look out for:

  • Security - Confidential presentations and documents that can be password protected and watermarked
  • Notes - Attendees should be able to write notes alongside presentations which can be avaiable post event, maximizing the opportunity for knowledge retention.
  • Interactive Tools - Live Polling, Word Clouds, Heat Maps and Question Submission can encourage audiences to engage with the content and give the trainers a chance to gauge which messages are resonating and if the group is ready to move on.
  • Q&A -  Questions from attendees can be notoriously difficult to capture, but the option to respond anonymously can help overcome any reticence to participate.
  • Q&A Moderation - A Q&A Moderator tool can give you complete control over which questions are sent to your speakers, and ensure you’re well placed to control the narrative in each session to suit the needs of the business.
  • Onsite Technician - An experienced on-site technician(s) can make content live at key points, update content, push polls and capture feedback – so you can focus on running the sessions.
  • Regulatory Compliance - Check that you have dedicated project managers who have the experience of working with clients in the sector and understand building timelines to accommodate pre-approved app content for regulatory compliance.
  • CME/CPD Tracking - A Check-In app can be added to capture signatures and provide attendance records for training events so attendees can claim CME/CPD credits from their professional bodies.

At Concise we have a proven track record of partnering with Pharma and Healthcare clients worldwide. Our 5-star service is proven by our NPS score of 92 , and clients who return year on year. Chime, our secure event app solution, can be the key to supporting your speakers and delivering interactive tools for event success. Contact our experts to discuss how we can help your next series of meetings.