Best Tips for Selecting the Right Event App

  1. Define your Event Objectives - Before you start researching and shortlisting vendors, start with the end in mind.  Work with your stakeholders and decision makers to gain alignment on priorities, desired outcomes and KPIs.  Are you aiming to educate, engage, create networking opportunities, turn a profit or something else? A 2018 EventMB study (below) of over 2,400 meeting planners shows how respondents  measure event success and ROI. 
  2. Select App Features - When you have your objectives nailed, you can quickly hone in on providers  that offer the functionality you need, and eliminate those that don’t. At pharmaceutical conferences, the most valued features are tied to the audiences needs.
  • ​​Education is  often a top priority, so a conference app that offers Speakers’ Bios will help establish credibility.  
  • Networking tools such as a Delegate Hub and Messaging will facilitate professional exchange.
  • Features such as Comparative Polling,  Quizzes, and Heatmaps allow presenters to gauge audience understanding at various points within a session and can be used in Case Study environments.  See examples below.

3. Find the Right Partner - Technology is only part of the solution, however. Who you work with is equally, if not more,  important to help you achieve your objectives. Event planning can be highly stressful, so the 2019 Event App Bible advises that it’s important to choose a well established provider that “is more likely to have learned how to better support technical problems as they arise”.  

Why Concise Ranks High  for Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Conferences

  • Best-in-Class Service – Concise is a pioneer in the event app industry,  and has been successfully partnering with Pharmaceutical and Healthcare companies, as well as  other business sectors  for over 10 years.  Our team understands the outcomes clients  want to achieve.  With this experience, Concise has earned a Net Promoter Score of 92 from our clients, which is evidence of how hard we work to deliver best-in-class service.  
  •  A Dedicated Project Team – Concise ensures excellent customer support from initial design through to the live event.  Your Project Manager (PM) listens to your objectives and helps to identify which interactive solutions will deliver the outcomes you’re trying to achieve for the event.   You have an app design consultant on hand and a technical team to  assist onsite at the event.  The PM ensures feedback, notes, and documents are sent to you and the audience within a couple of days post event and often continue working with clients to identify how to add value to future meetings.  Concise is dedicated to making your event best-in-class.
  •  Pharma/Healthcare Expertise – The Concise team is skilled in navigating strict  pharmaceutical regulatory and compliance guidelines. Our Project Managers  are experienced with Veeva Systems’ content approval process and build timelines to accommodate pre-approval of app content for regulatory compliance.  We’re also geared up to offer flexible service allowing for last minute changes to agendas and presentations onsite.
  •  We Love An Audience – In fact, that’s our tagline.  We specialise in engaging audiences using interactivity.  We’ll recommend the features that deliver the best results based on our experience over the years. Our Chime app includes an array of flexible tools that are proven to deliver high levels of engagement and attendee satisfaction.  Did your key messages resonate?  Who were your top rated speakers?  You can see for yourself through post-event reports and completed Feedback forms.
  •  Security - Chime, Concise’s event app, is highly secure with password protected access, and watermarking available for your confidential presentations.  We can also provide a secure network when sensitive medical data is being communicated.   

Technology will always be an important part when choosing to work with a company but the relationship and ultimately the partnership with an experienced provider like Concise is vital to your event’s success!

Get in touch to find out how Concise can help you find ways to increase  engagement and choose the best app for your next pharmaceutical event.