• All agreed that measuring ROI is an essential; however less than half those in attendance say that they are clear about what their stakeholders are looking to measure in advance of an event. 
  • There is a lack of clarity and consistency by end stakeholders regarding what information or metrics they should use to monitor the success of an event. 
  • At the planning stages - asking the question regarding ‘outcome measures’ (i.e. how are you measuring the success of this event) and reporting would greatly aid organisers to design programmes with more engagement and interaction.


At Concise we are constantly looking at how we can improve on the way we plan, deliver and measure the many events we work on.

One of the ways in which we do this is to offer regular workshops throughout the year where we have the opportunity for up close discussions with those on the front line of organizing and delivering events. These 'Lunch and Learn' meetings with attendees from healthcare agencies are crucial to the ongoing development of our offering in the sector.

One area we have been looking at, at length, is data and we’ve been asking the question: ‘What do our clients need to ensure they are providing the answers their clients need?’ As most people in the industry know, pharmaceutical events can be some of the most difficult events to organize and manage in the market place – they seem fraught with challenges from compliance and last minute changes to content which often needs to go through a rigorous approval process. 

Having worked in the interactive space for many years we were keen to investigate and involve the minds in room to gain a better appreciation of the ROI data required.

Understand the data you need and what questions need to be answered

From the start it was clear that finding out what end-clients need from events can be sometimes hard to extract. It seemed that a lot of the time this was the last area to be discussed once the venue had been chosen and the logistics had been confirmed. 

Have raw data and a brief summary on-hand for quick access

What was overwhelmingly clear was that healthcare agencies welcomed the raw data provided by an app like Chime so they are able to drill down to granular level and slice and dice where necessary. They explained that this would also enable them to always have the raw data to hand should a client request further clarification long after the show days have ended. The majority felt a ‘summary’ document, of top level data and averages, would be extremely valuable to have alongside the raw data as a ‘ready reckoner’ which could be easily used in presentations with end clients.

Use measures that are relevant to your needs

Attendee engagement is a key, with a mix of activities to measure: 

  • # attending the event
  • # downloading the app
  • # browsing content
  • # reading and requesting materials
  • # participating in polling
  • # completing questionnaires.

One attendee voiced their opinion on engagement, suggesting it is very much about ‘success being after the event has taken place, with the impact of the learning from the event evident in the work place’. This view was supported by other attendees. Whilst pre-event and post-event data can be made available to event planners the main obstacle in doing so, is gathering from the end-clients at the early planning stages, what they wished to measure and working that in to all key planning stages of the event itself.

When it came to discussing devices, there was agreement in the room was that dedicated devices (iPads) were far more effective than asking attendees to download an app to their devices. Fewer distractions, better battery life, bigger screens are better suited to maximising attendee engagment. However, for some events, where budgets don’t extend to iPads, a ‘mobile app is better than paper or nothing’ (where the audience size is 50+).


  • Start with the end-goal in mind.
  • Establish key measures for your objectives.  If it's 'attendee engagement' refer to the finding above as a start.
  • Contact the experts at Concise for suggestions on how to use Chime in support of your event objectives.

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