As flagship communication platform for any Law Firm, these events bring together internal and external stakeholders, from Senior Partners to Alumni and even Key Clients.

At its core, this is the opportunity for Law Firms to develop strategic direction and consensus building. Here we explore some of the most significant steps our clients take to achieve this, and how Concise’s Chime app supports them along the journey.

The distribution of written background material and information in advance of the Retreat can be an important first step in gaining consensus

Our Document Gallery can host presentations, pre-reads, research material and videos. As these are safely accessible from our platform, stakeholders can choose when and where they want to prepare. Furthermore, our analytics reports can show who isn’t preparing at all and offer Firm leadership the chance for targeted reinforcement of slow adopters through in-app messaging and strategic content placement.

Present a background report early that frames the issues and ensure even if the Advance Material hasn't been read, the issues are clearly outlined from the start of the meeting.


Controlling the message to potentially hundreds of Partners arriving from all over the globe can be a challenge. We deploy our Presentation Push system to fix each screen to that message. Senior or Named Partners can present freely, confident that everyone is following without distractions.

Sub-groups can be given a different aspect of the key issues and challenges to consider amongst peers. CPD points can also be captured for reporting back to professional bodies.

As the group is divided up into the Firm’s Practice Areas for deeper dives, the Chime platform comes into its own. Personalized agendas get everyone to the right room on time. Our segmented messaging system pushes out communication specific to each issue, helping everyone in the room obtain the same level of understanding.

Giving Partners an opportunity to discuss the issues using a skilled facilitator enhances constructive consensus building.

Technology shouldn’t replace human interaction. It’s at its best when it takes that collaboration and combines it with others to form a holistic view of the business. Facilitators use feedback forms in the Chime app to record outcomes from their respective sessions. The data from these forms can be analyzed in real-time or post event to better understand how the business thinks.

Partners can express their opinion about an issue with near instantaneous tabulation and display, helping the Firm understand feelings, alignment and potential blockers to success.

When teams come back to General Session and the consolidated viewpoints are presented back, Live Polling, Word Clouds, Heat Maps and Moderated Q&A are all forms of interaction capable of tracking alignment or discord, on the spot.

Record the results of the consensus process and distribute it to all partners promptly after the retreat.

We all know Retreats can be very distracting, for a good reason! A packed week of dinners, social activities and networking is key to building new relationships and strengthening current ones around meeting content. So, following up post-Retreat with feedback results, a list of the critical decisions made and all the presentations via our post-event mailer is the only way to help Partners build on the momentum they created.



Check out our very own Chime suite, and you’ll discover how interactive tech can benefit even the most charismatic presenter.  Our award-winning Chime event apps deliver second screen capabilities on iPads to increase audience engagement, interaction and insight.   You’ll see a difference and drive audience engagement when you push presentations, bios, live polling, quizzes, forums, heat maps and word clouds into the hands of attendees.