The National Sales Meeting, sometimes called a Sales Kick Off (SKO), is typically an annual or bi-annual meeting where global and regional Sales Managers, Field Teams and Marketing teams collaborate on product pipeline, competitive analysis, on-going marketing programs and training on customer centric best practice.

These can be done in general sessions or therapeutic area / product specific workshops. Gauging and improving the sales force morale is another key objective as the pharmaceutical industry look to hit the ground running at the start of the year.

The trick is designing an experience that combines the human nature of selling to the science of sales process. Below we discuss the hurdles our clients have faced when executing these behemoth events and why Concise are perfectly positioned as the partners of choice when overcoming them.

The management of onsite logistics with thousands of attendees can result in an inefficient use of time and resources.

Concise’s Chime App can be leveraged as a centralized communications channel which can be targeted to everyone, individuals or groups. This extension of an onsite operations and logistics team ensures no one is left behind, providing access to maps, personalized agendas, messages and forms.

There is a risk that by the time we print the binders, the information is out of date. How do we control the message? What if someone leaves confidential printed information about our product pipeline lying around the hotel?

Uploading all material to our Document Gallery means confidential information is safe, secure and up to date. Because it’s digital, the deployment (or removal) of approved sales aids, pre-reads and medical data is under complete control therefore only viewed by the right attendees at the most impactful time.

Training for specific a product or therapeutic area in different meeting spaces can weaken the message and is over reliant on highly trained moderators.

Our platform can be used to communicate key messages and tasks to small work groups in support of facilitation. It allows for group or individual feedback in breakout rooms which is then available to be used in general session to consolidate and report to the entire sales force.

Keeping engagement levels up with a typically intense agenda.

Populating the program with key moments of audience participation and feedback brings teams into the process of co-creation and uses the minds in the room to affect change. Polls, Word Clouds, Heat Maps and Q&A Feeds are the easiest way to achieve this. Take it to the next level and ask Chime to push Competitor and Physician profiles to an attendee’s app during a role-playing workshop for a highly engaging and to the point experience.

The educational impact is not often realized. Retention of information, content or training can be as low as 20%.

Create reflection points at pre-designated times. Use regional managers to assess level 

of understanding with certifications. Run quizzes to instantly assess a group's alignment. Push out regular feedback forms daily to gauge energy levels and bottlenecks. Share the results from Q&A sessions grouped into key themes for easy absorption.

The data we can provide from National Sales Meetings will help indicate knowledge gaps which need to be closed immediately. Top performers will be highlighted using our activity analytics and Regional Managers will come away from an intense week with enough insight to make a tangible difference to the way their team sells this year.

Contact us at any of our global offices if you would like more infomration about how our Chime Event App could be utlized at your next Sales Meeting