People attending conferences, meeting and events will tell you they are looking forward to meeting someone new or catch up with old acquaintances. Delegate Hub sets them up to do this quickly using filtered searches, easy to update profiles and access to 1-1 chats. The newest Chime App feature helps to maintain that connection after everyone has gone home by enabling business cards to be sent out after each event electronically via email.

Importantly attendees are in control of their own profile (business card). They are able to update information about themselves in the Chime App, setting privacy settings so they can choose how they want to network with others in the room deciding who you want to connect with.Insights and ROI for Event Organisers

If networking is a major driver for organizing an event, metrics on how many connections have been made and when can really help fine tune an agenda by knowing when to allow more or less time for face to face meetings.

Also, providing Attendees with the means to update their own profiles saves organizers hours of exporting and importing from various platforms and databases.

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