Pitch Perfect 

When a lot is riding on your pitch, you want it to be perfect: inspiring, confident and compelling.

Fund managers and investor relations teams tell us that they want to grab clients’ attention during presentations, increase interactivity, control the pace and share key content securely.

That's why Concise launched the Chime Pitch Pack, a digital pitch book that works on iPads, specifically aimed at more intimate meetings of between 2 to 20 people. 

As a specialist in engaging event technology to over 300 financial and investment firms worldwide, Concise is acutely aware of how important pitch meetings and presentations are to the success of fundraising and winning new clients. 

Chime Pitch Pack — A Digital Pitch Book 

Pitch Pack is a custom-branded app that’s secure in the cloud. Instead of distributing glossy printed books, your pitch is put in the hands of your meeting attendees on iPads. You control the presentation pace, while your attendees can zoom-in to see details.

Chime Pitch Pack Sample Screenshots

Clients tell us that they particularly like the ability to switch between presentations and control what their audience sees. No more getting distracted by reading ahead in your pitch booklet, as clients say their prospects are more focused in meetings.

A Smarter Way to Pitch

It’s a smarter way to pitch. It’s also good for the environment because you don’t need to print numerous presentations or trash out-of-date booklets. You can easily upload your PPT files, making it easy to update content on the fly. This is especially helpful when you’re on the road and planning for multiple meetings.

A fund manager using the Chime Pitch Pack app to present to an investor in a greener, more flexible and engaging way using iPads.

Evidence Your ESG Principles

As financial and investment firms increasingly use environmental and sustainable criteria for the investments, it’s important to walk the walk and avoid “greenwashing”.

It’s time to rethink meetings and go for a smarter, greener and higher impact approach. 

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