One of the biggest challenges that organizations face with virtual training sessions is distraction. Whether you are onboarding new corporate hires, providing new product or service training sessions,  or running annual sales meetings, our virtual training tips will help you keep your participants engaged, focused and connected to one another. 

Top Virtual Training Tips 

  • Build in a Human Connection 

With so many people training remotely these days, it is key to help people connect by making the session as fun and interesting as possible.  One way to ensure a good kick off to the meeting is to have an energetic facilitator.  Having a strong host sets the stage for a connected event.    

Another idea is to start the meeting with an icebreaker.  Breaking the ice actually serves a couple of purposes.  First, icebreakers set the tone that the session will be interactive.  And they tend to make people feel more comfortable and reduce stress.    

Some planners ask presenters to come prepared with a virtual background that can get conversation going.  Maybe it’s a photo of their next dream destination or a funny picture of a pet.  Sparking questions or a laugh will get people engaged. 

Or you may choose to start off sessions with a quiz to see what participants already know or don’t know.  Utilizing a platform that provides features such as polling and Q&A can help you gather a lot of information about your audience at the start of the session. 

  •  Keep Engagement Level High 

People are more likely to remain engaged in sessions when they know their opinion and feedback is valuable.  This is why we highly recommend incorporating live polling, Q&A, and feedback features in your sessions.  Not only does it keep the audience participating, it allows the trainer to gauge the audience’s understanding of the topic along the way. 

  • Encourage Interaction 

Virtual Training requires that you manage the group interaction during the session.  One way is to organize trainees into groups to allow for more conversation, collaboration, and creativity.  It is suggested to keep groups to no more than 10 people to maximize engagement. To get discussion going, you may want to prepare some thought provoking questions ahead of time.  

  • Keep Slides to a Minimum 

Ask yourself, would you want to see 25 slides in 30 minutes?  Probably not.  Neither would your audience as it would be difficult to stay focused and retain all of the information.  The idea here is less is more when it comes to slides.  Keep the number of slides to a minimum by focusing on the key content and main takeaways.  Emphasize key ideas with bullet points or by highlighting text. 

  • Episodic Training Sessions 

Have you considered breaking down your training agenda into a series of sessions rather than 1 large scale event?  Virtual training sessions can be split into a series of sessions based on the topic.   When attendees are learning something new, having a series of short sessions helps with retention of information. 

  •  Choose the Right Technology and Production Partner 

Chime Live is a flexible live streaming platform that is ideal for the remote training environment as both live and pre-recorded video can be incorporated.  Chime Live incorporates interactive features to keep distraction to a minimum and engagement levels high.  

We even offer Chime On-Demand which is ideal if your remote trainers are uncomfortable broadcasting live or if the audience is spread across multiple time zones.  In addition, Concise provides a team of experts ready to help you bring your virtual training experience to life.   

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