Investor trying to understand IP presentationFinancial Clarity

“Never invest in a business you cannot understand,” said Warren Buffet.

At this time of disruption and political and economic uncertainty, it’s more important than ever that firms give their clients clarity on investments.

The question is: how can you make investor relations (IR) presentations engaging and insightful? How can fund managers keep the attention of investors and share an accurate picture of their investments?

In the words of one client: “You need a sleek and smooth experience.”

Create a Sleek & Smooth Experience for Investors

Because everyone is time-challenged, investors are looking for these presentations to be concise, relevant, and in an easily digestible format.

As well as high-level statistics and data, you need the capability to share research, professional expertise, insights and details of relevant trends to be really effective. Not only do investors want to receive insightful information quickly, they expect it to be tailored to their interests and needs.

Information Flows Both Ways

According to a recent survey of IR professionals around the world, conducted by EY, nearly half (44 per cent) believe that their boards would like more investor feedback.  So information needs to flow both ways.

In order to meet the increasing demands of IR professionals over 200 firms are using Chime, an events app specifically geared for the investment market.  The iPad-based Chime app ensures that all stakeholders are fully informed and can contribute to meeting outcomes. By putting an iPad in the hands of each participant, you can share content with investors easily and efficiently in a paperless format.

Share Presentation Content Quickly and Easily with the Chime Event App

Here are a few direct quotes that illustrate how using Chime makes a difference for Fund Managers, Investment Bankers and Asset Managers: 

“It took away a huge amount of distraction that having paper in the room brings with it,” says one user of the Chime app.  “There was no panic about printed books not arriving at the venue overseas. It was modern, sensible, intuitive tech – not gimmicky, just very focused on the user experience. Huge help to post-event follow-up as well.” 

Another explains: “Giving our guests the ability to easily take/retain notes without having to worry about shipping or carrying printed materials back with them on flights, etc, was a great value add. Also, the ability to provide edits to presentations up until the morning of the event was extremely helpful for our team internally.”

Control the Pace

“Clients tell us that they like being able to control the pace when they’re presenting because with printed materials investors may flip ahead and miss key details,” says Tom Sparkes, Concise Business Development Manager, UK Finance.

“They also appreciate security features such as watermarks on documents and our FSQS data security accreditation.”

Handle Last Minute Changes with Ease

The fast changing business and regulatory environment means that IR professionals often need to change a presentation at the last minute. “We’ve designed Chime to easily accommodate content changes.  Additionally, different presenters can use Chime in different rooms simply by tapping their relevant tab on their iPad” adds Sparkes.

One client explains: “Chime increased investor engagement with content particulary with note taking and closely looking at the metrics/charts included in presentations. It also allowed for organizational resources (floor plan, agenda etc.) to be at the fingertips of each participant.”

A Sleek and Smooth Customer Experience

“Having the presentation on iPads for everyone also added the sense that it made the clients feel special.  Concise has an amazing team, very flexible, understanding, and with very good communication across the whole experience. We felt we were in good hands.”

“Chime made the customer experience very sleek and smooth,” says another client of their experience using the Chime app at a recent event. 

Flexible, easily accessible state of the art technology is essential for customers, but so is excellent service. “We provide a white glove service right from the start,” says Adam Beasant, Business Development Director - UK Finance.

“A dedicated project manager guides the client through the entire process, step by step. Our PMs understand how much it means to clients building up to that magic moment when we're onsite and the audience is interacting with speakers through Word Clouds, Polling or Q&A on their iPads.  Clients appreciate the innovations and stability of the app, particularly when it's 'go time' and they're trying to manage 1001 things.  They can rest assured that our onsite team makes the whole process painless and easy, drawing from our experience with other industry leading financial clients.”

Debrief, Evaluate and Improve

After the meeting, Adam Beasant and the team will debrief clients by sharing engagement results and discussing ways to improve the use of technology at their next event. The Chime app even allows them to use this evaluation to improve the fund itself.  Audiences can provide feedback to presenters on issues such as the make-up of the fund, its exposure to different sectors and companies, its risk profile and its return compared with similar funds. 

Sparkes adds: “We’re ready to help companies deliver effective, stand-out presentations that engage investors and communicate their messages with our award-winning Chime event apps.”

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