According to the High Flyers 2019 Graduate Market Report, employers are looking to fill over 20,000 paid internships and graduate programme roles this year, so it’s clear that attracting and retaining top candidates is more important than ever before.

Technology plays a vital part in today’s Graduate Induction Programmes

So when planning your next Graduate Induction Programme, it’s advantageous to create a connection from the start by understanding how today’s Millennial and Gen Z graduates prefer to engage and learn using their tools of choice.

Research has shown that integrating technology into an educating environment helps keep participants engaged. This is even more true for Digital Natives who have been using mobile devices like tablets and smartphones to play and learn since they could crawl – so it only seems logical to align today’s training styles with the way the participants want and are used to learn.

There is a danger that the traditional format of PowerPoint and didactic teaching are too slow for a generation that has grown up with the internet as its reference library.  A recent Forbes Tech Council article stated that the internet has changed the way young people learn. They are quick to decide what is relevant, drawn to interactivity, and are a naturally social group. Their early access to technology has enabled them to connect as no other generation has before, transforming the way they interact with each other, browse, shop and work. So how can you leverage this knowledge into programmes that give value to your business and stimulate interest and discussion in your newest recruits?

Give them their tools of choice  

When mobile and app technology are readily available and used correctly in the training environment, graduates and apprentices are able to access the most up-to-date information quicker and easier than ever before. 

Our Chime event app does exactly that, inspiring and engaging your audience on devices that they’re familiar with and have been using since they could crawl, enabling you to put your agendas, bios, presentations, polls, feedback tools and other resources in each participant’s hands. 

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