According to a new investor and operational due diligence (ODD) survey recently reported in Private Equity Wire, some 79 per cent of respondents were spending more time analysing compliance and regulatory risks in funds, compared to a year earlier.  As well as new regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation, respondents also reported a 59 per cent increase in the time spent analysing risks related to cybersecurity.

"Due diligence can seal the deal or break it"

Environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) is an increasingly important element of due diligence for Private Equity firms.  According to KPMG: “In today's mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market, ESG due diligence can seal the deal or break it. In a recent global survey of private equity general partners, KMPG reported “over half (54 percent) had reduced a bid price after ESG due diligence and one third (32 percent) had increased one.”

Communicating Effectively

This need to ensure that communication around due diligence is effective is why Private Equity firms and Investor Relations experts, financial analysts, risk managers and others are looking at ways to make their presentations more engaging and to gain more control over how their audiences interact with them.  

In the world of Private Equity you only have your audience’s attention for a brief period and if people are distracted by their phones, and not focused on your due diligence presentation they might miss valuable information.  

Maintain Focus Using Event Tech

Increasingly Private Equity firms are turning to event app to help ensure due diligence events achieve their desired outcomes and demonstrable engagement levels. Chime provides control and flexibility so that presenters can cover key information without distractions. “We’re seeing the use of event apps for due diligence meetings as an emerging trend on both sides of the Atlantic,'' says Adam Beasant, Concise Business Development Director, UK Finance. “Clients also prefer Chime’s paperless format, flexibility and cutting-edge appeal.”  

Presentations using Chime are polished, professional and tailored to meet the exact needs of the audience. Content can be updated with minimum fuss and effort at any point. Information can then be shared quickly, easily and securely with audiences, during and post-event. 

Chime helps to keep due diligence presentations organised and provides easy access to information. If, during a Q&A session, an investor signals that they want to learn more about a particular area (such as market capitalisation, the balance sheet or ESG), the fund manager can quickly and easily pull up any relevant information in the Resources section.  

Multiple funds can be set up with a different Chime app for presentations being delivered in different rooms. Fund Managers can also use Chime’s feedback forms to improve future presentations. 

Expert Support

Concise works with 97 of the 300 top Private Equity firms and we have a Net Promoter Score of 92.  Clients like the fact that even though we have a heritage in the events industry and we’ve worked on major IPOs around the world for the last 20 years, we’re constantly innovating – we were the first to introduce iPads for into meetings, for instance.

Outstanding customer service differentiates Concise from other event app providers. Clients appreciate that our dedicated project management team can take them through the entire process, guiding them and ensuring that they get the results that they’re looking for.  Your tailored app might include personalised agendas, polling, heat maps, word clouds and other customised features to increase audience engagement at your event.  

Another part of the appeal to clients is that unlike competitor products Chime technology is built by us in-house and our team of experts is constantly updating and testing it.  We’ve just purchased 3,500 state-of-the-art iPads, and if the Wi-Fi at a venue is inadequate we can provide our own secure network.    

With Chime presenters can be reassured by effective, reliable technology just as investor audiences can be reassured by effective, reliable due diligence.

Our team are ready to help you to create more effective due diligence presentations that engage your audience and communicate your messages with our award-winning Chime event appsGet in touch today.