According to research by PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment): “The integration of ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance) issues into investment, evaluation and governance is an important part of value creation in any investment”.

But, measuring and demonstrating ESG commitment can be challenging. This is why a number of organisations are incorporating ESG values and principles into their meetings and events. Some corporations even dedicate an event or specific day where they invite attendees to address issues or policies relating to ESG and CSR.

Avoid Greenwashing

Today environmental stewardship is a core principal for many firms, yet plenty of organisations continue to print binders and presentations for guests at their events which underpins this core issue.  Directors and Event Organisers we work with often tell us that they want to avoid the appearance of “greenwashing” and express frustration that they still need to print content for their conferences and meetings.  This doesn’t need to be the case. 

In working with Financial Institutions, Concise has been helping clients evidence this commitment. Indeed, hundreds of firms have already taken advantage of our Chime Complete bespoke platform that alleviates this issue, better engages delegates along with key Stakeholders and protects the integrity of sensitive information; essentially addressing two of the three key elements of ESG.

A Way Forward

Concise works with clients to make all information available, along with presentations and other content on a bespoke, branded platform which includes an iPad for each attendee. This helps mitigate the impact of their operations on the environment caused by printing. In addition to these cost-savings, meeting organizers who switch to utilizing an event app are able to make last-minute changes to presentations, also removing a potential source of stress. Other documents can be updated on the platform in real time providing much-needed flexibility.  Aside from the ESG benefits, Chime is an incredible tool to capture real-time feedback from attendees so you don’t have to send a follow up survey post event which is often ignored because the topic is no longer top of mind.

Many clients also choose to use our Check-In tool on iPads for a smooth, speedy and personalised way to welcome attendees. This replaces the traditional ticking off of attendee names on long paper spreadsheets. 

Our Chime event app and Check-In tool are being used by hundreds of Financial Institutions globally to enhance the attendee experience. Get in touch to find out how Concise can help you demonstrate environmental responsibility at your next event.