Yet, if there is one industry where organisations have embraced this heavy responsibility, it is events. The vast majority of corporate event managers have the common sense to know that security is key to an event’s success. The real issue is exactly how event organisers can implement data security provisions.  Which best practices should project managers employ beforehand and on site?

Private On-Site Server

If the data you are protecting is particularly sensitive, security concerns can be eased by taking the internet entirely out of the equation. Earlier this year, a report from US app security company Veracode emphasised the risk of cloud-based apps, which “aren’t being designed and produced with data security in mind”

Unsecured networks and unauthorised usage of Wi-Fi or Cloud services can all be avoided with private on-site servers. Secure, independent servers provide access to all app content and real-time updates without providing internet browser access – a common cause of corporate data leaks.

Authorised Users Only


The first (and perhaps most obvious) step is to set up password restrictions, so downloading and accessing the app remains exclusive to your event’s attendees. Better still, further protection could be granted by avoiding uploading the app onto Google Play or the Appstore altogether.

If you are allowing attendees to bring their own devices, you will have to find a way to guarantee that every device has the latest software updates installed, as these updates are vital for protecting users from all the most recent security issues. 

Open Communication

Open dialogue between your events team and your app provider can be vital for security. Find out as much as you can about which security measures they provide and which would be most appropriate for your event. Do your research on the tech solutions offered and find out their strengths and limitations. In return, share your company’s security policies so your app provider is aware of when you will want user access authorised or restricted.

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