Why Did Concise Pursue FSQS Accreditation?

Our financial clients routinely test and challenge the security and reliability of our systems which  is a vital exercise for them as well as us as the risk and regulatory environment becomes increasingly complex. Concise wanted to demonstrate to clients that information security is a top priority and that we are continuously seeking to improve the quality of services provided to clients.   By opening up the company to auditing of internal and external quality management systems, Concise demonstrates how we make every effort to deliver our services securely. This saves our clients valuable pre-qualification procurement time and resources. 

Phil O’Brien, CEO of Concise Group, said:

“ The FSQS accreditation will enable Concise to service an even broader range of financial services clients. We have a culture of transparency and being FSQS accredited demonstrates our commitment to compliance. The certification process is rigorous and proves Concise is a trustworthy name in the financial industry. We are delighted to have earned the accreditation.”

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