So, what does a Chime mobile event app powered conference look like from the perspective of those clients who are used to a Business Class lifestyle and also the Business Development teams who need to engage them?

Making a great first impression

Long queues, complex seating plans and lost VIPs always create tension and often an insurmountable challenge for meeting planners; starting off on the right foot goes a long way to influencing the perception of any event. Our Check-In app feature can help.

Influencing decision makers

As an extension of a law firm’s external image, the Chime app plays multiple roles. It’s design beautifully reflects that of the event and brand. It represents the Firm’s depth of knowledge on sector specific research material. It also mirrors the tone the firm wants to set on key topics promoting keynote speakers and panelists, who are also there as the firm’s advocates.

Capturing Powerful insights for ROI

We arm the onsite business development teams with the means to communicate to existing and prospective clients using live messaging and group forums. Furthermore, when a firm’s representative meets a prospective client, the Chime app gives them private, insider knowledge for their eyes only. Knowledge of the client’s background, role within their organization, potential needs and any history facilitates a more meaningful discussion increasing the chance of a positive outcome.  

All these interactions are fed back into the Chime database in real-time; so when the show’s over, follow-up is based on science, not hearsay.

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