It can be a struggle when guests arrive at the same time, causing congestion, particularly for large scale events. Then, there is the challenge of managing staff efficiently when you are holding meetings in multiple rooms simultaneously. Sound familiar? 

Here are just some of the key tasks Concise can help you make your life sweeter:

  • Getting pre-event information out to attendees.
  • Greeting guests at the venue and checking they are 'on the list'.
  • Creating an interesting and compelling meeting with interaction from the audience.
  • Ensuring all sessions and break-out rooms are equipped and set up.
  • Capturing audience feedback. 
  • Demonstrating ROI to your key stakeholders.


Wouldn’t it be helpful to have all your event solutions under one trusted provider with an experienced team?

You may know us for our award winning Chime app, but we also offer a suite of companion apps to help event planners manage every aspect of an event. Our apps are widely used by agencies that are seeking new ways to provide 5-star service and the real X-Factor, so look no further. Concise offers all the tools needed to make your next event “suite”.


Kick off a great event by building up audience anticipation and streamlining information through a pre-event app on attendees' mobile phones. The Welcome Pack App is a fully immersive digital experience that can start before guests arrive on site, providing them with a hub for logistics, agendas, networking, and other useful information. Your attendees can access this hub at their convenience via their mobile devices and can get ready for your event before they arrive on site. 

Attendees will have access to all the necessary event info at their fingertips which reduces the amount of questions you receive. The Welcome Pack App is also paperless which means no more printing packets of information for distribution at event arrival and updates can by synced instantly. In addition, planners love the ability to create buzz pre-event, send push notifications to kick-off discussion boards, and networking. 


Event check in doesn’t have to be a hectic time! Many of our clients use our Check-In app to streamline event arrival and registration processes. Because event staff can quickly sort and find guests, checking in is as easy as the tap of a button. Because the app updates across multiple devices in seconds, it provides you with real time updates on arrivals and flexibility to make last minute adjustments. The Check In app has the ability to check-in 10,000 people so it is particularly helpful for large scale events like medical congresses, gala dinners, bulk arrivals and large event receptions - A smooth and speedy arrival process, no queuing necessary!


Concise’s customized Chime event app enhances your event by engaging your audience in real time conversations.

Features such as Comparative Polling, Quizzes, and Heatmaps allow presenters to gauge audience understanding at various points within a session and can be used in case study environments. This also provides attendees with a chance to shape their experience and take control of their meeting experience. Gaps in knowledge are identified in real-time and adjustments to the program can be made to guarantee the session’s success.

Networking tools such as a Delegate Hub and Messaging will facilitate professional networking. Plus, attendees can share the event experience live through social media channels such as Twitter, allowing engagement to extend well beyond the event itself.


Page is an in-room digital assistant that can be customized to allow you to manage situations in multiple rooms simultaneously. With up to 6 buttons on its dashboard, Page alleviates stress by having texts or emails sent immediately to the appropriate resolution team.

Is break out room A too chilly? More snacks needed? Page can be programmed for anything from coffee to gin & tonics. Let your imagination run wild! 


By using a digital platform for feedback, evaluation forms can be sent out mid-way through a conference or after the event is completed. Opening up for feedback fosters a sense of being listened to and respected. Getting feedback immediately, at the end of each session encourages high response rates and can inform future plans.Additionally, you can test your audience’s knowledge and tap into their competitive spirit with multiple choice quizzes for individuals or teams. Our analytics dashboard also offers a range of insights geared towards measuring ROI for the conference. Our team will consult with you early in the project to understand desired outcomes and help you integrate them into your reporting. 



Chime ROI and analytics allows you to demonstrate topline results for your leadership team and key stakeholders with a useful infographic report. Summary data, raw data on app use and infographics PPT slides can be created to determine ROI. By utilising technology like Chime that both records and interprets data, organizations can capture key insights from post-event debrief and gain ideas for continuous improvement. 

The team at Concise understands the challenges you face from encouraging audience engagement to running a smooth conference from start to finish. Clients choose to partner with Concise as our fully managed suite of services and companion apps alleviate the many challenges event planners face.

Let the Chime App and our companion apps provide the tools you need to impress your clients and make your life easier. You'll find Concise is the best event tech partner for helping agencies around the world deliver great events using the latest technology. Our 5 star customer service is supported by our Net Promoter Score of 93.  

Our team can recommend a solution to fit your event objectives, whether that includes full suite or a few of our solutions. We’re looking forward to helping you. Contact our team today!