Event planners work to help their clients distinguish their brand and events from others.  Planners are accountable for creating a personal connection between clients and their guests and for maintaining high levels of service. With our new Page technology, you can help clients take things to the next level, in order to surprise and delight guests in a way they’ll never forget.

What is Page?

Page is a cost effective in-room digital assistant that will help you run your event smoothly and allow for exceptional levels of client service. It’s like a ‘magic wand’ that helps manage event logistics while simultaneously offering the X-Factor, that seamless, high level service that can make all the difference in making an event spectacular. 

Tap a button on a Page device so event attendees can request an adjustment in room temperature or order more drinks for example. The appropriate team members are instantly contacted to address requests. 

In addition, the Page app can be customised with up to six buttons, providing maximum flexibility to add that extra something special. Perhaps your client would like a button for champagne!  You are only limited by your imagination!

Take a look at the Page video, and then read on for creative ideas on how it can be used to create the X-Factor for: 

  • New product launches and gala dinners
  • Sporting events and hospitality
  • Corporate meetings with a difference 

How to Use Page to Create the X-Factor

New Product Launch & Gala Dinners – Perhaps you’re planning for the launch of a new product and want to host a welcome reception or a gala dinner. In this setting, Page anticipates audience needs while creating that sense of intrigue. Here are some ideas for adding the X-Factor with a simple tap of a button:

  • Request more cocktails or food.
  • Have a waiter deliver a cake for a guest’s birthday.
  • Request adjustments in the room temperature.
  • Let each table set off a firework as part of a finale!
  • Signal raffle ticket sellers to visit your table so guests can buy tickets (great for maximising income for charity fundraising events) 

Sporting Hospitality – Use Page at large-scale sporting hospitality events such as Rugby or Football stadia, sponsor marquees at Ascot or Formula 1. By setting Page up in hospitality spaces, guests can control over when to request things. Tapping a Page button adds that extra ‘wow’ factor. For example: 

  • Alerting the organiser that the guests are ready for a celebrity VIP to drop by – perhaps a retired sports personality?
  • Requesting a photographer to capture product placement, VIP meetings or just a great group photo as a souvenir of the day. 
  • Having fun with a timed spot prize based on ‘when’ the button is pressed, perhaps for free tickets to the next match.
  • Offering a blanket for chilly events outside or at night.
  • Surprising your guests with a ‘Do not press’ button which leads to..................use your imagination! 
  • Organising private transport, such as calling a taxi. 

Corporate Meetings – Page can be your digital assistant during corporate meetings where you are managing multiple breakout rooms. Guests can tap a button and request:

  • Room temperature adjustments
  • More chairs
  • Not to be disturbed during sensitive or confidential meetings where the organiser might want to delay a scheduled coffee break
  • More food or drinks 
  • An IT technician to resolve technical glitches


After a busy day of brainstorming, what better way to round off the event than with some networking:

  • Alert a waiter to bring in the cocktails and champagne or a cold beer!
  • Surprise guests with a famous business personality. Richard Branson? Alan Sugar? Peter Jones?
  • Request something more relaxing like ‘essential oils’ (it has been done!) 

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