Are you – or your audience – already equipped with tablets or mobiles?

Our Bring Your Own Device service put Chime together with your existing mobile devices to create a complete event solution.

We’ll work with you to create your bespoke event app, which your audience can download upon joining our secure network at your event.

It’s a great way to make your leadership meetings, investor conferences or advisory board training courses more exciting and interactive.


  • Manage multiple rooms with ease.
  • Send texts immediately to the people who can help.
  • Customise up to 6 programmable buttons.
  • Monitor activities via the Page dashboard.
  • Review data post-event for future planning.
  • Our experts can recommend the right set-up for your needs.

Clients use Page to identify and address issues quickly, so meetings stay on track, saving time and energy.

Jim Hughes, General Manager, Concise UK