We will help you reach out to each person in the room and make them feel a vital part of the experience.

At the heart of our service is Chime: the powerful, flexible event suite, whose functional richness is continuously developed to enhance audience participation and stakeholder ROI at events. 

Take a quick look at our flagship Chime event app in action, as we demonstrate some of our most popular features.

Different events have different needs, so offering flexible solutions is critical to our clients. The Chime range delivers this, with the option of a fully managed service, high security solution on our closed network... or the ability to run your own BYOD show using venue networks.

As always, we will advise on the most appropriate solution for your needs.  This extends to include our Chime LiveCheck-InPitch Pack, and Page meeting tools.

Our apps are bespoke and beautifully branded to run on a range of mobile devices. By choosing Chime Complete, you can take advantage of our worldwide fleet of iPads – or opt for Chime Compact or Chime Cirrus to use our Bring Your Own Device service.  

Key benefits

  • Update content and information live
  • Ask questions and gather feedback in real time
  • Make even the largest event feel like a one-to-one conversation with each member of the audience
  • Unlock personalised content for individual audience members, including multiple language versions
  • Capture more data and higher-quality insights in a format that’s easy to analyse
  • Stage a ‘paperless’ event
  • Bring your content to life with polls, games and quizzes
  • Give your audience an active role in the presentation, sending user-generated content to the screen in seconds

Amazing team who have been absolutely brilliant. Always helpful and in the right place at the right time. They made everything go extremely smoothly.

Look forward to working with you again.

Client - March 2018