Pharmaceutical companies create and use training programs to enable Key Opinion Leaders to become brand advocates and present their product’s benefits to their peers.

The relationships formed are valuable and long-term, which in turn drives brand awareness and industry recognition from the ground up.

The obstacles to a successful Speaker Training session tend to come from a need for consistency in speaker quality, message delivery as well as understanding what success really looks like.

As we walk through some of those obstacles below, we also set out how Concise works with our Pharma clients and MedComm partners to address those challenges.

Didactic learning is old fashioned and with ever shortening attention spans, today’s digitally native HCP needs a highly stimulating training session to get on board.

By using a mobile event app like Chime, you can manage the educational focus from informing through interacting to certifying. Interactive tools such as Live Polling, Word Clouds and Heat Maps create active participation and are scientifically proven to help audiences retain more information.

Handling masses of 'product defense' questions with confidence in session, safely and efficiently.

Our team can create a central repository for FAQs, which are pre-approved for regulatory compliance and tonality. As these are reinforced throughout the training, Attendees can add personal notes to the FAQs to make the answers their own. Furthermore, our Forum feature is a perfect place for KOLs to safely add new questions and have those addressed by an approved resource onsite.

Retaining materials and written notes can be a challenge. They are often lost after the training, which lessens the educational effectiveness and poses a risk for the leakage of confidential information.

Our team can create a safe and secure document gallery in our app for each training participant. Confidential presentations can be password protected and watermarked for complete confidence.

Post event feedback forms are often lacking depth of insight to the training’s success and ROI.

By using a digital platform for feedback, clients can send out evaluation forms for every session as they end, or every training module as it is completed. Gaps in knowledge are identified in real-time and adjustments to the program can be made to guarantee the training’s success.

Our analytics dashboard will also offer a range of insights geared towards mapping out how effective the training really was. Our team will consult with you early in the project to uncover what those data end points look like and help you integrate them into your reporting.

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