As most of us can testify, queuing or getting ‘in line’ can be exhausting, frustrating and tense. Apparently, we Brits love a queue but is there really any need for your guests to join the end of the line?

Corporate hospitality has grown in popularity as a fun and hugely valuable way to spend quality time with valued clients, and potential business contacts taking the Q out of the ‘eQuation’ can make for a really great first impression.

At some of this year’s most prestigious sporting occasions we have had the pleasure of supporting clients in welcoming guests at events – from the Sony Champions League final in Cardiff to the Aegon Tennis Championships at Queens, exciting Formula 1 races worldwide to Old Mutual Rugby Union games at Twickenham.

Our Chime Check-In is capable of ‘checking in’ up to 10,000 people, which means your guest’s arrival is registered and if appropriate seated within moments. Chime Check-In enables you to keep the process smooth and speedy, while giving you a comprehensive, real-time overview of arrivals.

Key features:

  • Personalised welcome: add notes to guest names so that registration staff can greet them appropriately
  • Go anywhere: ‘Check-In’ works even without an internet connection, and runs on iPad, iPhone and Android devices
  • Scale up your registration team: the app updates in seconds across multiple devices via a wi-fi network that we provide
  • Update guest lists right up to the last minute

If you’re running an event with delegates and high-profile VIPs expected, there is nothing worse than a queue!

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