Oh no! – a memory stick – all the slides have changed!
Feeling slightly panicked and becoming deranged.
Calm down – deep breath – there’s no need to reprint 
Concise can make these changes super quick.
Sit next to the (Concise) technician, who is running the (Chime) app
He’ll get it uploaded in no time – may even be time for a nap! 

The first day begins – the event’s going well.
Just heard the final announcement and the sound of the bell.
All over for another year – time to start packing away
Count all the iPads making sure none go astray!

The 3-day event ended on a high
Delegates are smiling and saying goodbye.
They’re boarding the coaches heading back to their bases 
Exhausted but enlightened expressions on their faces

We can’t make the hassle and stress completely vanish
Ooh I need a seat – I’m completely famished.
My head is light, my feet heavy weights
See you next time – save the date!

This isn’t the best poem – it may even be a fail
But it has to be a welcome change to phone calls and (spam) email.
I wanted to try something different – a risk I know
But if you’re interested in talking – just ask for Jo!

Jo Merriman heads up Concise’s UK and European Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Sector. Jo knows the ins, outs and pain points associated with Pharma events. She’s a star, helping Pharma clients to create more engaging events and informative meetings to achieve their event objectives.  

Jo has a background in theatre, which we often draw upon for Concise videos, voiceovers...and the occasional poem. 


Contact Jo (jo.merriman@concisegroup.com ) to find out how we delight Pharma clients with our mastery of last minute changes and flexible team of technicians who make sure the focus is on you as we deliver our 5 Star Service.