Picking a great venue for your next meeting is at the best of times a juggling act for meeting planners, now added to the challenge of balancing the need for flexible networking space with personalised catering options is the need to ask ‘how fast/wide/accessible’ is your Wi-Fi?

In survey publisher earlier this year* ‘Predicting the future of Meetings’ over 90% of the Meeting planners surveyed acknowledged that audience participation using event technology is improving delegate communication. Four out of five planners believe the broadband question needs to be asked if they are going to use a conference app or ask delegates to download one onto a smartphone or their own device; that is before they take into consideration delegates checking emails and working online.

With security of data at meetings also being seen as a high priority there are some options the meeting planner needs to consider.

Going for ‘belt and braces’ solution? Install your own secure, local wi-fi network where you:

  • Use locked down, dedicated devices
  • Keep delegates connected to your meeting
  • Can keep control of the meeting
  • Keep the meeting content secure
  • Have trained technicians onsite to set up network and support you

Use the venue wi-fi for own devices or smartphones - consider:

  • Using your own devices - You might want to ensure they are fully charged and have sufficient memory for the app to work
  • Ensuring the download speed can cope with the number of delegates logging in – don’t forget to allow for them using it for their own work too
  • Checking the cost of increasing the speed
  • Having a technician on site to support you and your delegates

The teams at the Concise offices are very experienced in helping clients decide which solution to use for what type of meetings. Please contact us if you would like to discuss options.

* Source: article IACC – Predicting the future of meetings June 2017

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