What happened

Each attendee registered and logged in to their personal Concise iPad with an individual code. This unlocked a range of interactive features, including:

  • Presentation: real-time display of presenters’ slides with an option to add notes to slides and receive a copy by email
  • Live polling: use iPads to vote on questions posed by presenters
  • Ask a Question: send written questions to presenters during live Q&A
  • Resources: additional information for delegates, including room plans, biographies, reports etc.
  • Sponsor pages: information about event sponsors.

It was important for the client to be able to measure active participation. The following outcomes were achieved:


At any conference, levels of attention vary. But it’s not easy to tell who’s concentrating on the presentation.

On average, 92% of attendees watched the presentation slides. Almost 30% took the opportunity to ask a question, and 72% took part in live votes.


We know that Chime can reduce an event’s paper and print burden, but wanted to see whether audiences were still getting hold of the materials they needed.

A healthy 66% of attendees used the in-app resources library.

Networking and brand building

Using Chime, we discovered that 57.5% of attendees chose to visit the sponsor pages in the app – a concrete result that sponsors were very pleased to hear.

In addition, attendees viewed each other’s biographies almost 10,000 times over the week-long event – proving that they were taking advantage of the networking opportunities on offer.Concise and our event app - Chime

Concise has built a loyal client base because of the high level of service we provide, the innovation and stability within the app, along with a culture that makes us easy to work with.

Clients who work with Concise are typically looking to create a more engaging and informative meeting that generates a demonstrable Return on Investment by using interactive technology. We would love to show you how -  contact us.