Keep them Interested - from Acceptance to On-Boarding

Being a successful applicant for an Induction Programme will be a high point for a graduate. Assuming they have chosen their preferred sector and employer carefully, this will be a special time for them. However, all too often there is a quiet time between being accepted onto a programme to the on-boarding. This is a time where they can still be looking around at other options and potentially  drop out or ‘ghost’.

Thinking outside-the-box and giving recruits the tools of their choice to interact with you from offer acceptance through to on-boarding can offer a fresh approach and surprisingly effective solution to demonstrate that you want to learn about them and their aspirations, as well as find where they are the best fit for your company.  

Keep engagement high with you new recruits before their official on-boarding by using a ‘Welcome App’ which includes:

  • Interesting information about the company
  • Pre-work
  • Opportunity to set up an online profile and connect with fellow joiners
  • Survey to find out what their interests are and what attracted them to the company
  • Venue information, Agenda and Leadership Biographies ahead of their first day.​

Set the Tone

Now recruits can get ready for your event before they arrive on site. A Pre-Induction Welcome App can build their anticipation and streamline information, which your participants can access at their convenience via their mobile devices. This is a great companion to an event app, which you can use during your Induction Programme to boost interactivity. 

A Welcome App should be customized to your branding, be intuitive to use and be organized so it sets the right tone for your event.  Additionally, last minute changes can be updated in the Welcome Pack instantly.

Create Buzz

Using a Welcome Pack App, you can highlight speaker biographies and drive excitement pre-event.  You can also collect pre-event questions to tee up presenters with relevant topics to tackle. Surveys can be created and sent through a push notification with a link to it via the app, and you can populate a discussion board with topics to encourage debate and discussion.

A Paperless Way

A Welcome Pack App conveniently puts everything recruits need at their fingertips.  Rather than being handed a packet of paper at induction, or having to weed through their email inbox upon arrival, your recruits can access key information on their smartphones before they arrive on site...and receive notifications on any last minute changes. Plus, it's a great companion to our Chime Event App

Get in touch to find out how the Chime Welcome App from Concise can help you engage graduates or apprentices ahead of induction week for better results.