So, how can you make servicing your global conferences easier?

Work with global suppliers

It may seem obvious but having a physical presence in the same country as your venue can be a huge advantage. Awareness of what’s happening in the local area can reduce the risk of unforeseen disruptions to your schedule. Being “glocal” means embracing a corporate international identity – for Concise this meant opening offices in London, New York, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Singapore. This global presence makes it easy for us to provide an informed, local service for events all over the world.

Prioritise communication

Communication is fundamental to the success of any event. Maintaining good communication can be a challenge, however, if your team is based in different time zones. Recently, Concise serviced 37 events across 19 international venues within the space of one month, so global teamwork is our top priority. Constant communication is the best way to ensure that everyone works to the same schedule and the same high standards. By developing working processes as one united team, continuity is maintained across every aspect of the conference.

Use multi-language technology

If you’re using audience-based technology  for your event, choose a system that supports multiple languages. Not only will this impress your audience, but it’ll also aid their comprehension and enjoyment of the event. A system like Concise’s Chime event app can host multiple versions of everything from presentations to voting questions, allowing your guests to select their preferred language. By personalising the app’s linguistic preferences, you can ensure that everyone gets the most out of your content.

Save money on global event series

Another advantage of working with a global service provider is the reduced expenses. Rather than paying international transport costs for people and equipment, everything can be hired from the nearest hub. If you’re hosting a global events series, the savings could be even greater. By working with one supplier for every event in your series, you’ll benefit from a much better hire rate. 

Got a global event series coming up? Please take a look at a case study here.

Concise can offer the global reach and personalised, “glocal” service you need. We woudl love to  speak to  ou about how we can support you, please get in touch.