Your Network is an Asset

There’s little doubt that a large network, well leveraged, is a valuable asset. The success of LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram are by no means an accident; people like to interact. We are a species that is by nature curious (in a ‘need to learn more’ sense). It’s one of the reasons that we at Concise developed the Delegate Hub app feature for events and conferences.   We wanted to enable this valuable interaction so that participants could fully benefit from the power of the collective insight around them.

To amplify the power of networking, there are key points to consider when building your network and ensuring there is value within it. What do we mean by this?

Four Powerful Elements in Your Network

There are four powerful networking types highlighted the Forbes article, ‘10 Tips for Creating a Power Network’, by Lewis Howes:

  • Influencer:  People that can affect the perceptions and actions of others
  • Expert:  People that we turn to for wisdom and direction
  • Creator:  True creators that obsess about innovation and are plugged into current trends
  • Connectors:  People who seem to know everyone and make introductions to their network, assuming it adds value.

Which Type of Networker Are You & Why is This Important?

At Concise, we recognise that there is significant benefit to exploring the potential power of networks at events and conferences (be they internal or external).

Howes identifies ‘Influencers’ as the most powerful component in a network; the ones that drive things forward almost daily.  But, a powerful network needs a balance of all four categories.

It may be wise to recognise where you personally fit across these categories to maximise the value that you can bring to a topic, conversation and the overall network; hence offering greater benefit to those that you invite in.

‘When the most interesting individuals associate with a network, all those who contribute with their own knowledge as humble (or big) it might be, share with others, gain from others’ interesting perspectives and knowledge,’ as @WilhelmWoess put it.

Within our Delegate Hub event app feature, attendees can create a business card, profile and share messages, along with creating groups for discussions. These tools allow you to showcase your value and develop powerful interactions between participants such as sharing knowledge, opinions and commentary. The more valuable you appear in one network, the more likely you are to be invited into others, further increasing your touch points and the breadth of your contacts.

One thing to always keep in mind is that whilst many businesses talk about the size of their network, the currency that allows you to extract value is the benefit that you can bring and share. When we built Delegate Hub, it was this beneficial trading of elements that we had in mind to harness and share the collective power of audiences and attendees.

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