Organising Advisory Boards and keeping members on the same page can be a challenge.


So we created Chime Ad Board to help Pharma and other clients streamline and improve their Advisory Board meetings in a simple and paperless way.

A Digital Tool for Productivity

Ad Board is an easy-to-use digital platform to keep key documents in one place, so everyone is prepped and productive at every stage.

Keep Board Members on the Same Page

Board members can login securely from their own laptops, tablets and phones to access key materials anywhere.  It's easy to navigate and switch between sections to find, view or send documents from Ad Board.  They can always access the most up-to-date materials, quickly and easily.  There’s nothing to download or install, as Ad Board stores everything centrally, in-the-cloud.  

Easy for Organisers

Organisers can simply drag and drop PDFs, the Agenda, Logistics, Board Bios and Reference Materials into folders.  And when there’s content to add or update, simply upload the new files, such as Meeting Minutes and archived Meeting Notes.  Organisers can even send members notifications when there's something new to review.

We’ll discuss your needs and set up Ad Board accordingly…then show you how to get up and running in minutes.


  • All key documents are centrally organised.
  • Easy to use and update, from any device.
  • Secure login for each user.

"Clients tell us they appreciate that Ad Board keeps everything stored centrally...and it's easy to use."

— Jo Merriman, Director - Pharmaceutical and Healthcare, Europe