Choose the best service to suit your event.


  • Personalised content

    Give every audience member the information that’s relevant to them, including personalised agendas and multiple language versions of presentation material.

  • Agenda

    Promote times, places, session descriptions and links to speaker biographies.

  • Venue information

    Share maps, floor plans, social programmes and event information that’s always up-to-date.

  • Gallery

    Create a rich resource of documents, images and video – and completely eliminate the need for paper handouts.

  • Biographies

    Learn more about your speakers, panellists and each other. You can include a photo, biography and contact details for every audience member.

  • Push presentation

    Push slides directly to all devices, putting your event content into the audience’s hands. Our software makes uploading presentations fast and reliable, so last minute changes can be made on site.

  • Polling/Voting

    Take the temperature of your audience with snap polls and display the results live. Your presentation team can respond to the audience by adapting content as polling results come in.

  • Ask a question

    Collect, moderate and answer audience questions efficiently and democratically – get input from everyone in the room, not just the ones who are willing to put up their hands.

  • Quizzes

    Test your audience’s knowledge and tap into their competitive spirit with multiple choice quizzes for individuals or teams.

  • Feedback form

    Collect thoughts and opinions from your audience to build on your event’s success. Our in-app ‘Feedback form’ feature consistently attracts response rates of almost 100%.

  • Notes

    Encourage audience members to make notes within the app including on individual presentation slides. All notes are emailed to each attendee after the event.

  • Jigsaw

    Challenge your audience to a fun icebreaker game, in which teams race against the clock to assemble a jigsaw image across a group of devices.

  • Live Snap

    Create a dynamic stream of photos uploaded to the Event App. Include pictures submitted by audience members or employ a photographer to capture professional images.

  • Word cloud

    Display key themes and buzzwords in a crowd-sourced infographic that morphs and evolves in real-time as audience comments come in.

  • Notifications and messaging

    Send messages, reminders and alerts to participants.

  • Guestlist App

    Keep the check-in process smooth and speedy and have a comprehensive, real-time overview of arrivals with this standalone app.

  • Tourguide App

    Turn any space into a digital tour for your audience with this iBeacon enabled standalone app.