We will help you reach out to each person in the room and make them feel a vital part of the experience.

At the heart of our service is Chime: our powerful, flexible event app, which contains a suite of features developed in response to years of study of audience needs and behaviours at events.

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Streamline and automate tasks like check-in, feedback collection and agenda information, while simultaneously opening up a whole world of creative opportunities to share insights and engage your audience in real-time dialogue.

We design bespoke, beautifully branded apps to run on a range of mobile devices. By choosing Chime Complete, you can take advantage of our worldwide fleet of iPads – or opt for Chime Compact or Chime Cirrus to use our Bring Your Own Device service.

Key benefits

  • Update content and information live
  • Ask questions and gather feedback in real time
  • Make even the largest event feel like a one-to-one conversation with each member of the audience
  • Unlock personalised content for individual audience members, including multiple language versions
  • Capture more data and higher-quality insights in a format that’s easy to analyse
  • Stage a ‘paperless’ event
  • Bring your content to life with polls, games and quizzes
  • Give your audience an active role in the presentation, sending user-generated content to the screen in seconds
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Chime Event App Features

Our beautifully designed event app integrates more than a dozen optional features that allow you to manage audience engagement in real time.

  • Design

    We will work with you to create a bespoke look and feel for Chime that’s as beautiful as it is unique, and designed to integrate with your event, organisation or product branding.

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  • Security

    The security of your data is our first priority, and we go to great lengths to ensure it.

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  • iPad hire

    You can hire iPads for your next event from our extensive worldwide fleet.

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  • BYOD

    Are you – or your audience – already equipped with tablets or mobiles?

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  • Chime Check-In

    Event check-in can be a hectic time.

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  • Chime TourGuide

    Open up your event venue to a whole new level of interactivity.

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iPads certainly enhanced the experience and delivery of messages, great work!

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