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How do you debut and showcase the key features of a new hi-tech luxury hybrid SUV to members of the press and buyers in Singapore? This Lexus model demanded an event that would complement its high-tech specification, and offer attendees a fully immersive experience.


Working with Lexus and their agency, Inchcape, we created a multimedia experience that reflected the intuitive technologies behind the Lexus model. Throughout the two day event, members of the press and buyers were encouraged to participate in a showroom tour. Our TourGuide App, harnessing iBeacon technology, automatically delivered location-specific video content about the key model features onto individual guest’s iPads as they moved freely around the showroom.


The TourGuide App enabled a more informed and entertaining journey and a unique, personal experience for guests.

We greatly appreciated the presence of Concise on-site and their services throughout the event. The technology we used created an immersive experience for our customers and made our media launch one-of-a-kind. We are very pleased to have pioneered the Concise Tour Guide App, which I believe helps us to deliver an incredible customer experience when it comes to showcasing a product.

Marketing Director, Borneo Motors


  • Fully branded Event App
  • Fully branded TourGuide App
  • Fully branded Guest List App
  • 100 iPads
  • Secure wifi network