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Cushman & Wakefield

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360 of Cushman & Wakefield’s partners and directors attended this 2.5 day event at the Martinez hotel on the Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes. With plenary sessions for all and multiple simultaneous breakout sessions, networking lunches and dinners, it was a busy and productive conference.


This was the first time Cushman & Wakefield had used interactivity at a conference, to enable participants to feel included in the programme flow and to provide a way of consolidating all event information and activities into a single intuitive app. 


The results show that colleagues valued the paperless experience as much as the event organisers welcomed their colleague-generated data and strategic ideas. The Event App achieved 100% participation from guests.To add

“Thank you for the excellent support that the Concise team have given us over the last few months developing and delivering what we think has been our most successful Partners’ conference to date. The planning and development of the interactive sessions was worth every effort. I know that the audience really enjoyed using the iPads and interactivity at the conference.
An amazing team effort – where we should all be very proud of the final performance. Please pass on our thanks to all the Concise team.
We’ve set a new standard where I think we will be wanting to use this level of interactivity for all our meetings!”

Partner, EMEA Marketing, Cushman & Wakefield


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