Leadership Forums

You’ve gathered together the highest-level thinkers in your business, now it’s time to make them part of the event. Maximise participation and make the best possible use of this rare moment with Chime features such as:

  • Voting/Polling

    Take the temperature of your audience with snap polls and display the results live. Your presentation team can respond to the audience by adapting content as polling results come in.

  • Ask a question

    Collect, moderate and answer audience questions efficiently and democratically – get input from everyone in the room, not just the ones who are confident enough to put up their hands.

  • Word cloud

    Display key themes and buzzwords in a crowd-sourced infographic that morphs and evolves in real-time as audience comments come in.

  • Jigsaw

    Challenge your audience to a fun icebreaker game, in which teams race against the clock to assemble a jigsaw image across a group of devices.

  • "Thank you to your entire team for a fantastic week. Our executives were pleased and impressed with our Event App, so thank you!!!"
    Associate, Global Consultant Relations, Franklin Templeton


Large-scale conferences are complex, often lasting several days and involving multiple streams and breakout sessions. Staying in control of all that detail is a major challenge for event organisers – if that sounds familiar, we think you’ll find these features of our event app, Chime, particularly useful:

  • Instant agenda updates, notifications and messaging

    Complex agendas are often subject to last-minute change; our Chime event app allows you to send updates and messages instantly to all audience members.

  • Multiple breakout presentations

    You’ll effortlessly handle the demands of simultaneous presentations across multiple breakouts, with the support of our on-site team. We can help you capture creative insights generated during breakouts and share them later during plenary sessions.

  • "Thank you for the excellent support that the Concise team has given us over the last few months developing and delivering our most successful conference to date. An amazing team effort. We’ve set a new standard where we will want to use this level of interactivity for all our meetings!"
    Partner, EMEA Marketing, Cushman & Wakefield

Large events and exhibitions

Thousands of guests, dozens of speakers, scores of exhibitors: when your event is grand in scale, you need a powerful, flexible app to keep all the elements under control. We think you’ll appreciate these features of our event app, Chime, designed with large-scale events in mind:

  • Check-In

    Our standalone check-in app helps you stay on top of guest registration, automating the process while still keeping a human face. Staff can greet guests as they arrive and check them in via any mobile device (iPad, iPhone or Android tablet) – they don’t need to stay behind a reception desk or require internet coverage.

  • TourGuide

    If you have a large event site, our TourGuide app uses iBeacon technology to allow you to trigger content by location. Personalise the guest experience as they move around the event, showing information that’s relevant to their current surroundings.

  • Instant updates

    With presentation, venue and agenda content subject to change, you’ll find our ability to update information across all devices a real game changer. Last-minute alternations and important alerts can be sent simultaneously to everyone who needs to know.

  • “For our Benefits Symposium, we wanted to do something special to make the event our best yet - to give the audience something to talk about and exceed their expectations. Everything ran smoothly and seamlessly, I cannot say enough about the customer service we experienced - true professionals, with deep knowledge and understanding. The technology was outstanding. Audience involvement was higher than ever and the feedback was unbeatable.”
    Director, Event Management, MetLife

Smaller meetings

Size isn’t everything. In fact, sometimes the most important events focus on a very select audience. When you need to bring together a leadership team or share high-level strategy discussions, our Event App can foster a dynamic and highly personalised way of working together.

  • Total security

    You can have total confidence in the security of your data with Concise. Information exchanged during the event is hosted on a secure, on-site server and never leaves our closed wifi network.

  • Personalised content

    Each audience member can receive a personalised app on arrival which greets him or her by name, and serves up only relevant content according to pre-selected options. The app can even provide content for individual guests in their relevant language.

  • “I have not encountered such fantastic service in this area before and I would not hesitate to recommend Concise to any of my colleagues. You really went above and beyond to help me and I can't tell you how much I appreciated your support and responsiveness. It really was outstanding. I am sure we will be working together again.”
    Director of events, Global financial services company

Training and Learning

Why not ramp up the impact of your next training event with interactive features that enhance learning and improve your audience experience? Our Event App is full of features that make training effective, memorable and fun.

  • Quizzes and games

    Creative, stimulating ways to test how well audience members are retaining information are a key feature of our Event App. Keep their energy and focus up all day with team challenges and individual tests.

  • Brainstorming sessions

    Don’t lose any valuable contributions and insights. Collecting comments and suggestions via the Event App allows you to share the results of breakout sessions with the whole group.

  • Gallery

    When you have a wealth of materials to share, there is an alternative to wasteful printed handouts. The Gallery feature allows you to upload a range of content – documents, photos, even video – so that audience members can refer to them during the event and request digital copies afterwards.

  • “This is the first time we used iPads at our Conference. The interactive features of the Event App engaged the participants to be more active at the conference. The Concise team are professional, helpful and knowledgeable. Great to work with.”
    Program Officer, Fung Foundation