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From the earliest stages of planning until long after the audience has gone home, we’re right by your side.

It’s not just our innovative technology that sets Concise apart.  We’ve earned a reputation for our extraordinary service ethos and attention to detail.

Let our experienced team members join you in planning and executing your best event ever.


In the run-up to the big day, your Concise Project Manager will work with you to design and build your own branded version of Chime, specific to your need. We’ll load it with the unique mix of features and functions that you have chosen for your event.

Lead Project Manager, Leanne’s top tips

  • “Consider the Concise Project Manager as an integral member of your team – supporting you every step of the way.”
  • “Be sure to check the regular updates we send you throughout the design process, and you’ll be confident that you’re getting an Event App with the look and features you need.”
  • “Some features get the job done, like instantly updateable agendas, and a document gallery that audience members can tag for later. Some promote a vibrant, engaging event, like live voting, quizzes and jigsaw. Try a mix to make your event exciting and unique.”


No event is ever predictable, which is why the Concise team is on hand from setup to takedown to train your event team, manage the app system and help attendees with tablet and app queries.

Last-minute changes to agendas, presentations or other content are a breeze, with our support team on hand to help. 

Client Services Director, Stan’s top tips

  • “We can extend our secure wireless network into any rooms you have for breakout sessions, to ensure seamless device connectivity.”
  • “Allocate a space for us to set up our Chime control desk near your AV team, so we can arrange main screen displays such as voting results.”
  • “While we train your presenters to use Chime, our team is also available to do last minute updates, like adding new attendees or changing around presentations – the last-minute tweaks that keeps your event fresh and live.”


While you’re taking a deep breath, we’re collating the important new insights you’ve generated: our on-site team can hand over files of attendee feedback, questions and word cloud responses immediately after the event.

Within one working day we’ll have further feedback, notes and document requests sent to you and your audience. The impact of your event has never been quicker or easier to gather and analyse. 

Head of Project Management, Michelle’s top tips

  • “Live, in-app feedback gets near 100% response rates – be prepared to take away more and better quality insights than ever before.”
  • “After we’ve collected the iPads, we can get you the first round of feedback before you leave the site.”
  • “Audience members who have requested their Chime notes and other Gallery documents will receive them the day after the event, wherever they are in the world.”